Boston Marathon runners share their inspiration for the sport

As the official health insurance provider of the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) and sponsor of the Boston medley races—including the Boston Marathon® presented by Bank of America, B.A.A. Half, Boston 10K and the presenting sponsor of the Boston 5K—we at Point32Health are thrilled to have the opportunity to host a running team for this year’s Marathon.

Point32Health colleagues were selected for their enjoyment of running, passion for supporting their community and drive to accomplish their goals. Hear from some of our runners on what motivates them to keep putting one foot in front of the other, mile after mile:

For some, it’s the health benefits

  • “I do a lot of thinking when I run, but also at times it can help clear my mind. It gives me time to myself which I think it important to everyone’s mental health.” – Marvin Bony, IS Business Analyst
  • “Running is an essential component of my overall well-being. Heart disease runs in my family and I began running as a preventive measure, but what has become abundantly clear to me since the birth of my daughter 3 years ago is how key running is to my mental health. Running is my quiet place, my alone time and a source of creative inspiration.” – Denise Simon, Senior Project Manager
  • “For me, a long run serves as a reboot of my mind. I typically run in the morning; that first run starts the brain moving and creates clarity.” – Urcel Fields, SVP, President of Government Markets

For others, it’s supporting a favorite cause

  • “Whenever I get the chance to fundraise for Dana Farber, I do. It is an amazing organization and has helped my family when a family member had terminal cancer.” – Erin Dore, Program Manager
  • “My husband John is also my constant source of inspiration, especially when it comes to facing a challenge. A brain aneurysm changed the trajectory of his life and supporting and raising funds for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation to help educate, provide patient and caregiver support, and fund cutting-edge research is how I can contribute to reducing the impacts of this often-debilitating condition.” – Tiffany DaSilva, Senior Consultant, Voice of the Customer
  • “Inspiring me to run Boston specifically was the opportunity to raise money for a charity that is important to me. I am fundraising for the AFTD, a nonprofit that raises awareness about frontotemporal degeneration, a form of early onset dementia. This cause is important to me and my family because my mother-in-law passed away from this condition in 2022.” – Bennett Raphel, Senior Analyst, Network and Provider Analytics

And some are inspired by family

  • “My late father was an avid marathon runner and triathlete. Because he was always training for something, he didn’t want to take time away from the family. His training became more of a family activity. I spent many afternoons accompanying my dad at the local track or riding my bike alongside my dad during his longer runs.” – Kimberly Hayes, Account Executive
  • “Running was always part of my exercise routine in some way, shape, or form. But I didn’t start racing until 2017. My late husband was a cross country athlete and always enjoyed running. We would sometimes run together, but we would always talk about signing up for a race together. We never got that chance. He passed away in May 2017 and I signed up for my first race that year. It was a local 4-mile race in his hometown, one that he always talked about. That began my journey for running consistently and racing. I haven’t stopped since.” – Frances San Agustin, Provider Account Manager II
  • “My almost two-year-old son, August, motivates me to run. Being able bodied is a privilege and running helps me stay fit enough to keep up. I’ve been running for many years. I used to work for an athletic company that put on run clubs around the city and that’s when my love for running started. I love the community that running creates and the people it brings together. I’ve met some of the most amazing people from all different walks of life through running.” – Jessica West, Manager, Integrated Care Management

Others find inspiration in the Marathon or the sport itself

  • “Growing up in an active, sports-oriented family and seeing my dad as a consistent runner for my whole life has really shaped my own running habit and motivation. As a family, we always went to cheer on the runners on Marathon Monday – the Boston Marathon is such a historic and competitive event in running and the energy and support surrounding the day is incredible. I’m very excited to be running it for my first time.” – Maclaine Lehan, Senior Program Manager, Business Development
  • “Over a decade ago, I began running as a means to maintain an active lifestyle. Over time, my passion grew as I became captivated by the competitive aspect of the sport and the challenge of surpassing my own limits.” – Sabrina Gallucci, Product Owner
  • “Growing up in Boston, it has always been a bucket list item to run the Boston Marathon. It is the oldest continuously run and arguably the most famous marathon, simply iconic.” – Brendan Donovan, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Interested in supporting our runners ahead of Marathon Monday? Learn more about the causes they’re raising funds for and how to donate:

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