Exploring the health care needs of today’s families

With only 19% of American households consisting of married partners and children, today’s concept of family is vastly different than the traditional definition. And while each person within a family will have unique health needs, how those needs are addressed or cared for will impact a family differently.

With such diverse needs existing in our communities, we believe in access for all—that every modern family deserves quality equitable health care and respectful, inclusive treatment. Our most recent collaboration with the Boston Globe explores some of the support options available for families who are navigating health care challenges, and how these families found additional support through loved ones, health plans, providers and their communities.

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Finding support through your health plan

Our vision to connect all people in communities to personalized solutions that empower healthier living starts with addressing the needs of each family member. For some that may mean working with one of our nurse care managers for support in managing a chronic condition or speaking to a social worker to learn what financial resources are available. For others that could be accessing our language translation services for a family member who doesn’t speak English at home or seeking caregiver support through one of our innovative, digitally-driven collaborations like Wellthy. No matter the need, our family of companies is committed to connecting members to resources and tools that fit their individual and family needs.

For a deeper dive into some of the ways families have found support while navigating the health care system, read on:

Support for families

What health care resources are available for today’s families.

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Family in any language

Resources and support for multilingual or ESL families.

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Community health centers

Helping residents near the poverty line access affordable health care.

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Health plan transitions

Considerations when aging off and on to health insurance.

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