Exploring the state of maternal health and the health of mothers

Today, the United States is facing a maternal health crisis. The maternal mortality rate rose for the third consecutive year in a row in 2021, with mortality rates for Black women being two times higher at the time of pregnancy than for white women. And many others face inequities because of social determinants of health including access to quality care, the neighborhood they live in, their economic status and their education level—to name a few.

Motherhood is also a lifelong journey, and the whole health of mothers throughout the many stages of life can have a direct impact on the whole health of their family, and in many ways, can influence the health of their community.

Our recent collaboration with the Boston Globe explores the state of maternal health—and health in motherhood—by examining the disparities that mothers are facing through the lens of industry experts and highlighting some of the improvements being made to address those disparities. From mental health struggles to workplace challenges, read stories from moms with lived experiences of the highs and lows of motherhood—and learn how Point32Health’s family of companies are supporting our members with programs and resources for mothers and their families.

Explore Maternal Health