Building resilience & supporting colleague emotional health with meQuilibrium

April 2024 | Behavioral Health

At Point32Health, we are guided by our shared values – embrace learning, own outcomes, grow together, and build community. These tenets help shape our work across the enterprise, for both the communities we serve and the colleagues we get to work alongside. This fall, after listening to comprehensive colleague feedback as part of our cultural activation efforts, our human resources organization announced Point32Health’s new partnership with MeQuilibrium (meQ), a leading health and well-being app designed to help colleagues build resilience, understand themselves better and build habits that help improve their emotional health.

What is meQ?

MeQ is touted as a “digital companion to build resilience,” but to understand how the program works, you have to get down to what resilience really is, which is the ability to adapt well and recover better from adversity. The key element that many people might not know, is that resilience can be measured, and developed.

“MeQ represents a strategic shift in our approach to well-being,” said Pete Church, chief people officer at Point32Health. “It’s not just another app; it’s an instrument designed to empower our colleagues and support them in their well-being journey. Through data-driven insights, meQ will help us navigate challenges with resilience and agility. Consider it an essential toolkit for unlocking our full potential.”

How does meQ work?

The program starts with a short assessment that typically takes seven minutes or less. Utilizing your responses, meQ is then able to provide the user with personalized content to help them build their personal resilience.

There are over 160 activities and tools available within the app. The content is typically delivered in snippets, as research as consistently shown that information is better absorbed when delivered in short segments. An example of a potential content offering would be about improving focus. Everyone experiences distractions, but using meQ, users will learn strategies to manage those things in a healthy manner. Other issues meQ is designed to help with include stress management, time management, organization, and even sleep. There is even a guided meditation component, and quarterly challenges to encourage colleagues to explore different resources and learnings within their programming. And because meQ is a digital tool, colleagues are able to access their support tools in the manner most convenient for them.

“Our colleagues want something that they can take with them anywhere and use any time, because you don’t need just to build your resiliency at work, but also at home as well,” said Karen Ryan, director of colleague well-being benefits at Point32Health.

For people leaders within our organization, there is another tool designed to help them best support their colleagues personal and professional development. The meQ app features dashboards where leaders can access tailored resources designed to help them better understand their team, their challenges and where there are opportunities to help them grow and build personal resilience.

The impacts of improved resilience

The positive impacts of improved resilience won’t just be felt in the workplace, but also at home and in day-to-day life. Here are just some of the studied benefits of more resilient people:

  • 4x more likely to have high job satisfaction
  • 25% less likely to suffer from burnout
  • 5x more likely to experience good health
  • 50% less likely to have a hospital stay in the past year
  • 80% less likely to exhibit signs of depression

It’s not just research highlighting the positive effects of meQ, Point32Health colleagues have largely had only positive things to say about their experience with the program. After a recent meQ webinar in which 271 Point32Health colleagues participated, 100% rated the session as valuable, 96% gained knowledge and/or skills applicable to their life and 100% would like to see more sessions like it offered again.

The enterprise’s relationship with meQ is still early stage, but many within the organization are looking forward to the long-term impacts of this partnership. “Ultimately, we’re arming our colleagues with tools and resources to help build that community of care, because we know when our people thrive, our organization thrives,” said Ryan.