Turning Points, a podcast and pivotal conversation on mental health

From getting a promotion or becoming a homeowner to losing a loved one or going through a divorce, turning points in our lives are often a catalyst for change and new direction. But turning points can also be quieter, something as simple as a commitment to putting mental health and emotional well-being first. In fact, many of these turning points are what inspired our podcast with the same name.

In collaboration with Boston Globe Media, Turning Points: Navigating Mental Health features empowering stories from those navigating their mental health and well-being. Clinical social worker and host, Frantzces Lys has dedicated her life’s work to helping people heal by removing emotional blocks and defying the resistance in their lives. On Turning Points, Frantzces engages with athletes, scientists, therapists and entrepreneurs as they discuss their own mental health journeys.

“As we launch season three of the podcast, it’s even more clear how focusing on mental health is important for those of all ages and life stages,” says Stephen Cassell, chief marketing & brand officer at Point32Health. “We are excited to have listeners join us once again as part of our continued mission to guide and empower healthier lives for all.”

Three seasons of stories

Season one of Turning Points premiered in 2021 with five episodes and another five were released in 2022 for season two. The episodes included conversations with elite marathoner and longtime Harvard Pilgrim Health Care member Joan Benoit Samuelson, Boston Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo, neuroscientist Jud Brewer, CEO of Black Girl Ventures, Shelly Omilâdé Bell, and Boston Children’s Hospital Physician Dr. Michael Rich—to name a few. From practicing yoga to finding community, each guest shared how they maintain their emotional well-being.

Catch up on seasons one and two

Season three proves to be just as captivating with stories about finding the right therapist, postpartum depression and navigating mental health at work. Featured guests include psychologist, Dr. Chairman F. Jackman, deputy director of the National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association, Krystle Canare, and author, Morra Aarons-Mele. Check out full episode descriptions and previews:

  • E301: Navigating Mental Health at Work

    It’s no secret that work causes us stress, but how can we prioritize our mental well-being while navigating the demands of our work? Host Frantzces Lys talks to Morra Aarons-Mele, mental health advocate, author, and self-described “anxious achiever” about the importance of understanding your mental health in order to create a work environment that supports your well-being. In this era of burnout and quiet quitting, Morra shares how she took back agency over her own time to restore balance in her mental health at work.

  • E302: Therapist 101: Finding the Right One, Breaking Up, and Everything in Between

    Therapy is a big step in any mental health journey, but finding a therapist who meets your needs can be daunting, and even discouraging. Host Frantzces Lys talks to psychologist Dr. Charmain Jackman and licensed therapist Celeste Viciere about the process of finding the best therapist for you. Frantzces and her expert guests discuss how to overcome the challenges of getting started with therapy and understanding which type of therapy is right for you. Frantzces and her guests also discuss when it’s time to “break up” with a therapist, if they’re not the right match for your needs.

  • E303: Exploring Cultural Differences in Mental Health

    No two mental health journeys are the same. Our unique identities and experiences play a huge role in shaping our perspectives and actions. How can our cultures uplift our spirits and benefit our collective health? What’s preventing more therapists from various cultural backgrounds from joining the field? And how do you find a therapist who understands and respects your culture? Host Frantzces Lys is joined by fellow experts in a roundtable discussion to explore how cultural differences shape our health journeys.

  • E304: Understanding Maternal Mental Health: Pregnancy & Postpartum

    Frantzces speaks with a doula and a reproductive psychologist on navigating mental health during pregnancy and how we can recognize the symptoms of postpartum disorders. Then, we hear from a mom and patient advocate who navigated postpartum mental health herself.

  • E305: Overcoming Stigmas in Mental Health and Living With Schizophrenia

    How can we overcome shame around a mental health condition and medication? Frantzces talks with Rachel Star Withers, who has experienced these stigmas as a person living with schizophrenia, as well as licensed therapist Kati Morton about how to dismantle these stereotypes.

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