Turning Points, a podcast and pivotal conversation on mental health

From getting a promotion or becoming a homeowner to losing a loved one or going through a divorce, turning points in our lives are often a catalyst for change and new direction. But turning points can also be quieter, something as simple as a commitment to putting mental health and emotional well-being first. In fact, many of these turning points are what inspired our podcast with the same name.

In partnership with Boston Globe Media, Turning Points: Navigating Mental Health features empowering stories from those navigating their mental health and well-being. Clinical social worker and host, Frantzces Lys has dedicated her life’s work to helping people heal by removing emotional blocks and defying the resistance in their lives. Joining Turning Points for season 2, Frantzces engages with athletes, scientists, therapists and entrepreneurs as they discuss their own mental health journeys.

“We’re thrilled to bring back the Turning Points podcast for a second season and to amplify these unique and pivotal moments that happen for many on their mental health journey,” said Stephen Cassell, chief marketing & brand officer for Point32Health. “This podcast series is an extension of our mission to guide and empower healthier lives for everyone, and we’re excited to welcome listeners to hear about the experiences of others committing themselves to a better quality of life.”

Two seasons of stories

Season one of Turning Points premiered in 2021 with five episodes, which included conversations with elite marathoner and longtime Harvard Pilgrim Health Care member Joan Benoit Samuelson, Neuroscientist Jud Brewer, our Living Well Mindfulness Program Director Tara Healey, and Boston Children’s Hospital Physician Dr. Michael Rich—to name a few. From practicing yoga to finding community, each guest shared how they maintain their emotional well-being.

Catch Up On Season One

Season two proves to be just as captivating with stories surrounding loss, addiction and redefining success to include prioritizing mental health. Featured guests include Boston Red Sox Outfielder Alex Verdugo, bestselling author of “Grief is Love: Living with Loss” Marisa Renee Lee and Founder and CEO of Black Girl Ventures, Shelly Omilâdé Bell, among others. Check out full episode descriptions and previews:

E201: Peak Mind, Peak Performance

Whether you’re a pro athlete or in a high-performance field, the pressure to be perfect can be overwhelming. We’ll talk to Red Sox player Alex Verdugo about how he has developed his own strategies to stay at the peak of his game – physically and mentally. We’ll then talk to an expert Dr. Amishi Jha, PhD, about research-driven methods from her book, Peak Mind that are proven to help people face high-pressure situations head on — no matter what field they’re in.

E202: Reimagining Parenthood

Every family has different needs when it comes to managing wellness, and there may be times when parents struggle to bring harmony into their households. In this episode of Turning Points, host Frantzces talks with Julia Dennison, a single mother, about how she co-parents with her ex-husband and creates a village to support her child’s growth. Parenting expert Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart shares how finding community and embracing your full identity outside of parenthood can model positive mental health for your child.

E203: Redefining What Success Means

Taking hold of your mental health journey can include unlearning the expectations set by society over a lifetime and, instead, discovering who you really are and what you really want as an individual. This can start with re-examining “success” in life and what that really means. Creative entrepreneur Glo Atanmo and Black Girl Ventures founder Shelly Omilâdé Bell share how they are redefining success to put their wellness first. Then, licensed therapist Stevon Lewis discusses strategies to manage stress and achieve the next level of growth.

E204: The Winding Road to Recovery

Recovery from addiction isn’t a linear path. People with a substance use disorder can face setbacks, relapses, and stigma — but the strength to move forward comes from finding the right support and treatment. Brendan Little is the Founding Policy Director of Boston’s Office of Recovery Services, and he has also been sober for the past 18 years. Frantzces talks to Brandon about how he found stability after years of instability. We’ll also hear from Taheera Ma’at, an expert on addiction treatment and recovery, and strategies/treatment people can seek out if they need help in their own recovery.

E205: Living With Grief

Grief can stem from losing a loved one — but we can also feel grief from other kinds of life events. Understanding that it’s okay to grieve in all these situations can be an important step on the path to healing and growth. Frantzces talks to Tracy Grant, Editor-in-Chief of Encyclopedia Britannica, who wrote a moving essay for the Washington Post about her experience with grieving a pregnancy, the loss of her husband, and her mother’s dementia diagnosis. Then Frantzces talks with Marisa Renee Lee, author of “Grief is Love,” about how to sit with and honor grief.

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