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  • Who we are

    This report describes how Point32Health, the parent company of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Tufts Health Plan and its affiliates, integrates good corporate citizenship in everything we do. Leading with products and services that are accessible, affordable and meet people where they are; focusing on business practices that promote environmental sustainability and prioritize people and their wellbeing; and engaging and acting in ways that are meaningful to our communities and our colleagues.

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How we give

Supporting community nonprofits

$15M+ in contributions through grants, matching gifts, sponsorships, volunteer time, in-kind and other donations from Point32Health and our Foundation to support community organizations

Nearly $8M

in Foundation grants to 140+ community nonprofits across five states


in corporate and Foundation sponsorship support for nonprofit fundraising events and programs in communities we serve


from colleagues, board members and the Foundation to 600+ local nonprofits through our Match Program


invested through Point32Health’s Quality Grant Program to support nonprofit providers with projects related to autism spectrum disorders, substance use disorders, behavioral health and the social determinants of health

9,326 hours

of colleague volunteer service to nonprofit organizations, valued at nearly $360,000


of colleagues gave or served

Making a positive impact

colorful map of New EnglandConnecticut

  • 17K members
  • 103 colleagues working in Conn.
  • $1.2M to community in 2022
  • $77K spent with diverse businesses in 2022


  • 108K members
  • 50 colleagues working in Maine
  • $1.2M to community in 2022
  • $18K spent with diverse businesses in 2022


  • 1.8M members
  • 3,711 colleagues working in Mass.
  • $9.4M to community in 2022
  • $5.7M spent with diverse businesses in 2022

New Hampshire

  • 145K members
  • 166 colleagues working in N.H.
  • $1.4M to community in 2022
  • $335K spent with diverse businesses in 2022

Rhode Island

  • 38K members
  • 133 colleagues working in R.I.
  • $1.9M to community in 2022
  • $70K spent with diverse businesses in 2022

*As of 12/31/2022

What we value

Own outcomes. Build community. Embrace learning.
Grow together.

Our shared values guide our business practices, products and services, and community engagement.

  • We own outcomes

    We believe real results come from real commitment. We have a bias toward action and take responsibility for outcomes. We challenge the status quo on behalf of the people we serve. We are transparent in setting clear goals and expectations.

Prioritizing health equity

  • National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA): Among first health plans in nation to earn full health equity accreditation
  • American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Diversity Award in Massachusetts for excellence in diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Enterprise-wide Health Equity Committee coordinates initiatives that advance health equity in six priority areas of focus
  • Point32Health Foundation advances community-led solutions to achieve equitable health outcomes by eliminating barriers and advocating for stronger communities


71% identify as women
35% identify as people of color
5% identify as people with disabilities
1% identify as veterans

Vice presidents and above

49% identify as women
29% identify as people of color
6% identify as people with disabilities
1% identify as veterans

Board members

36% identify as women
29% identify as people of color

All data as of 12/31/2022

  • $230Mapproximately 10% of our long-term portfolio assets — transferred to external investment management firms with diverse ownership, management and investment teams
  • $150M+ spent with businesses owned by women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, veterans or people with disabilities since the inception of our Supplier Inclusion Program in 2015

Innovating for environmental sustainability

Lowering greenhouse gases

  • 14 free high-voltage electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at our Canton office reduced emissions by 12,611 kgs

Taking cars off the road

  • Flexible work schedules for colleagues
  • Shuttles to and from public transportation at our Canton and Quincy, Mass. offices
  • Reserved parking spaces for carpoolers

Aligning office space to meet needs of hybrid workforce

  • 47% reduction in regional office footprint

Reducing energy on our campuses

  • Efficient lighting, ventilation and temperature
  • 10K+ lamps updated to LEDs resulting in 700,000 kWh/year reduction
  • 50% reduction in irrigation to respond to local drought; use rain and well water for landscaping
  • 42 tons of paper collected, shredded and recycled
  • We build community

    We believe serving each other helps us better serve others. We take an active role in one another’s wellbeing. We are dedicated to each other’s success. We ensure underrepresented voices are heard.

Supporting colleagues

Our wellbeing framework addresses physical health, mental wellbeing, financial fitness, social support and community engagement to help create a safe and enabled workplace and a healthy culture

Pay equity and financial support

Gender pay equity means equal pay for equal work

$46K+ in grants to colleagues experiencing unexpected financial hardship through Employee Needs Fund

Inclusion, belonging and wellbeing

710 colleagues participate in one or more Colleague Resource Groups

90% of colleagues participate in wellbeing programs

Community and civic engagement

24 hours of paid time off to volunteer

2 hours paid time off to vote

Supporting communities we serve

  • Increasing access to affordable and nutritious food

    We are addressing food insecurity by responding to urgent community needs and collaborating to change inequitable systems. A free mobile market provides 120 lbs. of fresh fruits and vegetables to 400 families each month in Revere, Mass. With dozens of community organizations, we distribute food and grocery cards in historically underresourced communities like Lowell and Fall River, Mass. Our Foundation gave $700,000 in grants to seven regional food banks and $270,000 in grants to organizations addressing disparities in access to healthy food in Bridgeport, Conn., New Bedford, Mass. and Manchester, N.H. And, colleagues donated $8,000+ in food and other essentials to organizations addressing food insecurity through our annual food drive. Our work on systems change includes support for efforts to develop a national Nutritional Equity Model and advance the Food Is Medicine movement as well as Foundation funding for advocacy work to eliminate barriers to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) enrollment for hundreds of thousands of people across Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.


    Photo (at right): Addressing food insecurity with community partners Cambridge Health Alliance and the Greater Boston Food Bank.

  • Removing barriers to health care

    In response to the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade and legislation banning transgender health care, we introduced a comprehensive travel benefit to support members and colleagues who are unable to access reproductive health care services, including gender-affirming surgeries, in their state of residence due to state laws restricting or prohibiting providers from providing such covered benefits. Point32Health promotes maternal and child health through our doula programs and support for diaper pantries and community baby showers. In collaboration with Ariadne Labs, we launched the TeamBirth program at two healthcare systems serving diverse patients. TeamBirth is designed to improve safety and dignity in childbirth – and ultimately improve health outcomes – by ensuring input from the birthing person is an integral part of decision-making by the care team.

  • Navigating care

    To truly deliver whole person, integrated care, we need to offer more than just medical care. New resources from trusted experts address the unmet needs of caregiver wellbeing and health care navigation. A new collaboration with Wellthy helps individuals and families plan and organize care, get things done, and connect with other caregivers. It complements our existing Dementia Care Coordination program which has helped 3,700+ members with education and community resources. Our Behavioral Health service navigators guide members through the health care system. We improve access to care by connecting members with services that are right for them — at whatever level of care they need. And, a new collaboration with Included Health improves health care navigation for the LGBTQ+ community – whether a member is seeking a culturally affirming primary care provider, exploring gender-affirming surgery, accessing behavioral health care or other support. More than 90% of Included Health’s LGBTQ+ health navigation team also identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community allowing them to serve as trusted advisors and deliver more authentic support to each person they serve.

  • Serving together in community

    Supporting communities through volunteerism is one way we advance community health and make a difference across the region. Throughout the year, colleagues give back through individual, team and company-organized volunteering. During our annual Volunteer Week, 1,250 Point32Health colleagues supported nonprofit organizations that have stepped up in extraordinary ways. Colleagues participated in 57 projects with 49 different organizations across the five states we serve. Projects included preparing medically tailored meals for Boston residents; cleaning up hiking trails in Portland, Maine; beautifying the Providence, R.I. coastline; sorting and packaging food kits for families in Conn.; and building raised garden beds in Manchester, N.H.— all with the purpose of advancing healthier lives for everyone.


    Photo (at left): A group of Point32Health colleagues, including Sa’adiyah Masoud and Vid Desibhatla, volunteered with the Emerald Necklace Conservancy in Boston.

  • Fundraising in new ways

    More than 200 colleagues “teed off” during a new minigolf tournament as part of Point32Health’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s program. With a match from the Foundation, our total 2022 contribution to support critical Alzheimer’s Association programs, advocacy and research topped $200,000. Since 2012, our teams have raised more than $1.6 million. In another friendly competition, colleagues teamed up in a 3v3 basketball tournament, led by our Young Professional Network Colleague Resource Group, to build awareness and raise funds for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). All together, we raised $14,000+ to support NAMI.


    Photo (at right): Point32Health colleagues Nicole Collins, Athelstan Bellerand and David Elvin participated in our inaugural mini-golf tournament to support the Alzheimer’s Association.

  • Mobilizing to address crises

    Colleagues and board members gave generously in response to disaster relief efforts in 2022. Total contributions, including a Foundation match, surpassed $75,000 to support people affected by natural disasters and the war in Ukraine. The Foundation also expanded our match program with a new initiative to increase donations to organizations addressing justice and equity in the states we serve. The new two-for-one match aims to incentivize colleagues and board members to support nonprofits advancing social and racial justice as well as eliminating systemic barriers.

Centering community through our Foundation’s work

One year after becoming Point32Health Foundation, we have collaborated with community to address the needs of the moment and develop long-term plans. We are supporting organizations working to advance healthy aging, improve access to affordable, healthy food, and promote behavioral health.



Reimagining communities to promote healthy aging

More than $900K to three nonprofits collaborating strategically with local partners in Maine, N.H. and R.I. to advance thriving age-friendly communities that offer engagement, resources and support as people age


Responding to growing food insecurity

$700K to seven food banks in the region to respond to the growing community need for emergency food support


Expanding support for mental health and wellness

$1M to the five state chapters of the National Alliance on Mental Illness to respond to each state’s unique behavioral health needs


Lifting up community voices to advance equality

$1M to 12 nonprofit organizations advancing social and racial equity by amplifying diverse voices and eliminating systemic barriers


Advocating to change inequitable systems

$690K to five nonprofits in Conn., Mass., and R.I. working to eliminate homelessness and increase affordable housing


Capacity-building funding for organizational growth

$270K to three nonprofits led by and/or serving communities of color or those experiencing systemic barriers; the organizations produce and distribute affordable, nutritious food in Conn., Mass. and N.H.

Photos courtesy of (clockwise, from top left); Elise Klysa via FRAME (Focus on Real Aging in Maine) photo contest sponsored by the UMaine Center on Aging and Maine Gerontological Society; Good Shepherd Food Bank; NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Connecticut; ORIS (Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success); Connecticut Can End Homelessness; and YW New Hampshire.

  • We embrace learning

    We believe that continuous learning produces continuous impact. At Point32Health, we take calculated risks to learn what’s working and how to pivot quickly if something isn’t. We recognize growth and celebrate each other in real time, sincerely. We proactively coach and share feedback with authenticity and positive intent.

Investing in research

We leverage cutting-edge research through our 30-year partnership with the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, a research and teaching collaboration between Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, a Point32Health company, and Harvard Medical School. The Department of Population Medicine at the Institute aims to improve healthcare delivery and population health through innovative research and teaching that emphasizes prevention and care. Our investment in the Institute helps solve local, national and international health care challenges through research into topics including COVID-19 treatment inequities, HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis among Black women, healthcare worker shortages, the effect of nutrition policies on consumer behavior, and how exposures to natural environments impact hospitalizations among older adults with neurogenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


investment (direct and in-kind) helped raise $75.5M in sponsored-research grants

232 projects

supporting research in health care and population health

  • Catalyzing innovation

    We held our inaugural Innovation Challenge to spark the discovery, development and implementation of ideas to improve health outcomes for our members and communities, increase affordability and improve the overall healthcare experience. The 2022 winner, Washington-based Freespira, Inc., provides a medication-free, FDA-approved digital therapeutic treatment proven to eliminate symptoms of panic disorder, panic attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Point32Health is funding a pilot of Freespira’s treatment technology to provide more comprehensive mental and behavioral health options to our members.

  • Doing what's right

    Our Ethics Program considers the ethical aspects of our work to help increase access to high-quality and affordable health care for the diverse communities we serve. In quarterly Ethics Advisory Group deliberations, we seek input from key stakeholders such as colleagues, network clinicians, employers, brokers, members, community leaders and the public. These discussions help us hear different voices so we can make informed decisions on challenging topics. Topics addressed in 2022 included the role of a health insurer in gender-affirming care and speaking out on social issues.

Standing for issues that matter

  • CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion — advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Disability:IN Inclusion Works — leveraging research, thought leadership and best practices to foster greater accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities
  • Food is Medicine Massachusetts — building a health care system that recognizes the critical relationship between food and health
  • Massachusetts Health Equity Compact — dismantling systemic barriers to equitable health outcomes, transforming care delivery and influencing health policy
  • Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce — cultivating inclusive relationships to drive positive economic impact for diverse businesses
  • Talent Compact at Boston Women’s Workforce Council — closing the gender wage gap

Learning and growing with colleagues

  • Colleague Resource Group members help to shape an inclusive work environment, create space for dialogue and learning across differences, share business insights, and provide development, networking and mentoring opportunities
  • Community Spirit Awards recognize colleague growth and meaningful contributions to community through volunteer service
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility learning opportunities offered to colleagues on subjects such as unconscious bias, microaggressions and anti-racism
  • New tuition program provides financial assistance for employees to pursue a degree, certificate program or course
  • We grow together

    We believe when our people thrive, our organization thrives. We prioritize diversity, equity and fairness alongside health and financial outcomes. We seek input on decisions from the people whose lives will be impacted. We take the long view to drive sustainable performance and success.

Prioritizing improved health outcomes for members, we proactively collaborate to leverage emerging health care technologies and innovations. These include:

First commercial health plan in the U.S. to pilot GRAIL’s Galleri™ early detection blood test to screen for 50+ types of cancer
Personalized support for members with cancer and their caregivers through collaboration with OncoHealth, which provides 24/7 access to oncology experts via chat, phone or video
Twelve-month pilot with Ejenta uses artificial intelligence in concert with remote monitoring to better serve members with congestive heart failure
Collaboration with Monogram Health provides members with kidney disease access to early, in-home care to improve health outcomes at an affordable cost
Children with autism and other developmental differences in Massachusetts have access to advanced therapies through new collaboration with Cortica
Collaboration with Valera Health enhances access to virtual mental health services for members in Massachusetts


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Image at top of page: Point32Health volunteer Shaniquekwa Avinger and a team of colleagues prepared meals at Community Servings in Jamaica Plain, Mass.