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Enrollment/screening for RI Medicaid providers

Tufts Health RITogether

As a reminder, if you are a Rhode Island Medicaid provider who hasn’t completed screening and enrollment with the state Medicaid program, it’s important to do so to ensure that you can continue to participate in our Tufts Health RITogether network.

The 21st Century Cures Act requires that states screen and enroll all providers rendering services to Medicaid members, regardless of specialty.

We encourage unscreened providers to complete screening and enrollment with Rhode Island Medicaid as soon as possible — to allow you to receive reimbursement for Tufts Health RITogether members and to ensure you can remain in our Tufts Health Public Plans network in the future.

The application for enrollment/screening can be accessed directly on the RI Medicaid Healthcare Portal ( You’ll also find a Provider Enrollment User Guide there, and additional information can be found on the RI EOHHS website (

If you have any other questions or concerns that are not answered by the Provider Enrollment User Guide, please contact the RI Medicaid Customer Service Help Desk at 800-964-6211.

Annmarie Dadoly,
Senior Manager, Provider Communications

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Production Coordinator

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