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New pilot program for select Harvard Pilgrim members

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Commercial

Point32Health is collaborating with Freespira, Inc. to offer a new, evidence-based pilot program, which is now available for eligible fully insured Commercial Harvard Pilgrim Health Care members ages 18 and over in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

The pilot features Freespira, a medication-free, FDA-cleared, digital therapeutic treatment proven to significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms of panic disorder (panic attacks) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This treatment offers symptom relief and potential remission by addressing the underlying physiological factor behind panic disorder and PTSD: dysregulated breathing arising from carbon dioxide hypersensitivity.

The 28-day, at-home treatment program features dedicated advisors, clinician assessors, and coaches who work with each patient throughout the treatment journey. Patients receive a small sensor to monitor their breathing, plus a dedicated tablet providing real-time feedback, and learn techniques to regulate their breathing patterns. Many patients feel a difference within the first two weeks. Once complete, all equipment is returned, pre-paid.

Patients who enroll in the pilot may opt to have Freespira, Inc. send a copy of their end-of-treatment report to their primary care physician, in which case Freespira, Inc. would contact that physician to notify them that their patient has enrolled, and to confirm that they would like to receive the report.

We also encourage providers to refer any eligible patients they feel may benefit from the Freespira treatment program by visiting or calling 1-800-735-8995.

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