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Language interpretation services reminder

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As part of an ongoing commitment to support our culturally diverse member population and the providers who may need assistance with language interpretation beyond their practice’s resources, Point32Health would like to remind you of the services we have available to aid in communicating with and caring for your non-English-speaking patients.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Commercial

For help with language interpretation for a patient, Harvard Pilgrim Member Services can assist with connection to our language interpretation partner.  Member Services can be reached at 888-333-4742. Additional details are  outlined in the Member Rights and Responsibilities chapter of the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Provider Manual.

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Providers seeking language interpretation services for their patients are advised to work with Tufts Health Plan Member Services for guidance. Available by phone at 800-462-0224, a member of the team can connect you and your patient with a qualified interpreter and assist you with requests for written materials in a variety of languages.

Tufts Health Plan Senior Products

For guidance on language interpretation for your Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred patients, our Member Services teams can be reached by calling 800-701-9000 (HMO) and 866-623-0172 (PPO). Language assistance support for Tufts Health Plan Senior Care Options (SCO) members is available at 855-670-5934.

Tufts Health Plan Public Plans

As detailed in the Providers chapter of the Tufts Health Public Plans Provider Manual, we recommend that our Public Plans providers outreach to the member’s plan for assistance with language interpretation. Contact numbers for Tufts Health Plan’s Public Plans follow.

  • Tufts Health RITogether: 844-301-4093
  • Tufts Health Together and Tufts Health Direct: 888-257-1985
  • Tufts Health One Care: 855-393-3154

If you are providing care for a Tufts Health RITogether member in need of an in-person interpreter, we ask that you contact Member Services with the request at least 72 hours before the patient’s visit.

Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) 

To assist hearing-impaired or deaf members, you or your patients can utilize TTY (teletypewriter) telephone technology through Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS), a public service that can be accessed by calling 711.

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