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AbleTo virtual behavioral health program expanded

Tufts Health Direct  |  Tufts Health Together—MCOs  |  Tufts Medicare Preferred

Point32Health is ​partnering with​ AbleTo​ to offer​ ​its ​virtual behavioral health program to more members. ​AbleTo’s ​​personalized therapy ​​program is​ now available to Tufts Health Direct, Tufts Health Together-MCO, and Tufts Medicare Preferred members, and will continue to be offered to ​​Harvard Pilgrim Health Care commercial and StrideSM (HMO/HMO-POS) Medicare Advantage members.

Aligning with Point32Health’s whole person approach to member care, AbleTo’s clinical ​therapy ​programs are designed to improve both behavioral and physical health. AbleTo​’s ​structured eight-week ​virtual​ program​ is​​ ​​rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy ​​and ​connects members with outpatient therapy, coaching, and digital support. All sessions are ​​confidential and personalized and are conducted via phone or video chat (in English or Spanish) from the member’s home. The program is aimed at helping members dealing with a medical condition or life stressor to ​better ​manage stress and anxiety, improve mood and outlook, cope with a health issue, and overcome barriers to making a positive change.

​​​​​​​Members will be asked to sign a ​HIPAA ​consent form to let AbleTo coordinate care with the member’s care team as needed throughout the program.​​​​​​​​ If the member signs a HIPAA consent, AbleTo can provide a clinical case summary to their ​​​​primary care provider.

While Point32Health will identify members who may benefit from the program and offer it to them, providers may also suggest the program for their patients. To do so, please direct members to call 1-833-522-5386, TTY 711 (Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–8 p.m. ET) or visit the appropriate AbleTo site: Harvard Pilgrim or ​​​​Tufts Health Plan.

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