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Point32Health understands the impact of the long and demanding days many of our providers and their staff are continually tasked with working, and the toll this work can take over time. In recognition of these challenges and to continue partnering closely with our provider community, we’re pleased to offer you access to a valuable mindfulness resource: our Peak Mind Challenge.

The Peak Mind Challenge features a playlist of twenty brief meditation videos that are intended to be watched once per day, most days of the week, for four weeks. The videos showcase the research of neuroscientist and mindfulness expert Dr. Amishi Jha, whose mindfulness-based methods can help participants — including those who work in high-pressure, high-stress environments — train their attention to improve brain power, mood, and performance in just 12 minutes a day.

All the videos are guided by a team of mindfulness experts, and Dr. Jha will pop in to offer additional tips and techniques to develop a peak mind. The Peak Mind Challenge program is self-guided and registration is not required. To learn more, please visit the Peak Mind Challenge page on our website.

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