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Introducing mindfulness webpage for healthcare providers

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Looking for mindfulness information to benefit you and your practice staff? Our Mind the Moment for Providers program is designed to address the challenges faced by healthcare professionals and staff. Our offerings include seminars, retreats, trainings, and self-guided exercises to relieve the symptoms of burnout and enhance well-being.

In addition, we can customize our programs to fit the needs of your practice and adapt them to provide Continuing Education Units for participants.

As Mind the Moment programming for 2024 continues to unfold, we’ll keep you posted on training and events, including details on a CEU-eligible program from Dr. Jud Brewer, MD, Ph.D., New York Times best-selling author and thought leader in the field of habit change.

We look forward to sharing our expanded mindfulness offerings with you and encourage you to explore those we’ve featured in the past. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Peak Mind Challenge, a video series showcasing the research of neuroscientist and mindfulness expert Dr. Amishi Jha, whose mindfulness-based methods can help us train our attention to improve brain power, mood, and performance in just 12-minutes a day.

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