2019 Corporate Citizenship Work

As we reflect on this year and our corporate citizenship efforts, we look back on five years of exceeding our goals with great humility and a strong sense of accomplishments.

In this report, you will read how committed Tufts Health Plan employees are to giving back. In five short years, volunteerism at our company has grown to more than 50 percent. And through generous participation by employees and board members in the match program, we gave more than $1 million to community organizations in 2019. Total giving last year exceeded $6.6 million.

We see our corporate citizenship work as listening, learning and acting on what we hear to build more age-friendly communities – and to address the social determinants of health. Whether it’s advancing diversity, equity and inclusion through grassroots work or championing sustainable initiatives or expanding our products and services to promote health equity, we feel a sense of duty and urgency to act in the communities we serve.

In 2019, we incited action in a number of noteworthy areas and awarded close to 120 grants to organizations in four states. In this year’s report, you’ll read about the impact of our community engagement efforts, the new standards in diversity we’ve established with our business practices, and the products and services that continue to distinguish Tufts Health Plan and set us apart.

As a new decade unfolds, we’re redoubling our commitment to living our values and working together to make a better world for today and tomorrow. We thank everyone who’s contributed to our mission and invite you to take action in your own community. Whether through small acts of kindness or big, bold, audacious ones, they all matter.

Tom Croswell
President and Chief Executive Officer
Tufts Health Plan

Nora Moreno Cargie
President, Tufts Health Plan Foundation
Vice President, Corporate Citizenship