Prioritize employee health & wellness

Tufts Health Plan is a prime example of a company living its values. It’s evident in the way frontline employees help improve the health and wellness of members and in the priority we place on taking care of our workforce. Tufts Health Plan employees enjoy some of the most comprehensive health and wellness benefits imaginable, including on-site dental, vision care and acupuncture.

Providing on-site exams speaks to the company’s support for work/life balance making it easier for employees to take care of their health. Little wonder we consistently rank in the top 20 on The Boston Globe’s Best Places to Work list.

Tufts Health Plan’s health and wellness benefits include these innovative on-site offerings:

Mammograms. Early detection saves lives. So employees get easy access to on-site breast cancer screenings via Dana-Farber’s mammography van.

Mothers’ rooms. The 705 Mount Auburn St. headquarters accommodates up to six pregnant and nursing women in two quiet, comfy rooms.

Vision clinic. Employees can get a full vision exam and shop for eyewear without leaving the office.

Dental care. Employees can now simply walk down the hall to keep up with their preventive oral care.

WorkingWell Center. Employees can join Tufts Health Plan’s on-site fitness facility with state-of-the-art training equipment and three group exercise rooms that host more than 20 classes each week. The center’s staff provide weight management and exercise consultation, personal training, fitness assessments and more.

Massage and acupuncture. Employees can book massages Monday-Thursday and massages or acupuncture every other Friday in the WorkingWell Center.

BeWell Center. Employees can visit the company’s on-site medical clinic at no cost for wellness and preventive care, acute symptom care, flu shots, laboratory services, wellness coaching and more. The clinic also offers free blood pressure tests, travel consultations and heart health counseling.

Fit After 60. Our WorkingWell Center also opens its doors to employees and Watertown residents for this free weekly exercise class designed for adults 60 and older.

Good Measures. Eligible employees can manage a health condition, lose weight or take control of a food allergy with this free BeWell Center service. Nutrition coach included.

Quiet Room. Open for individual use during regular business hours, the quiet room has floor space to practice meditation and mindfulness and a separate area for prayer.