Collaborating on shared values with Special Olympics

One of our long-standing commitments is to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA), as well as health equity initiatives, for our members and within our communities. And as approximately 6.5 million people have an intellectual disability in the United States, our approach to health equity is to ensure high-quality, affordable health care and the opportunity for everyone to attain their full health potential.

By living and working in the same communities we serve, we not only have a unique understanding of what our members need but are able to witness like-minded organizations in action. Sharing similar values – like promoting healthy lifestyles through resources that help all individuals with or without intellectual disabilities – it’s why we’re excited to be working with Special Olympics Massachusetts (SOMA) in a first-of-its-kind collaboration.

“Our shared commitment in how our organizations approach inclusivity is really at the heart of this collaboration,” shares Rudy Bozas, director of government markets at Point32Health. “We admire how Special Olympics Massachusetts not only empowers their athletes on the field—but how they work to change the social perceptions towards intellectual disabilities off the field as well.”

As the official health partner of SOMA, we’ll promote health, inclusion and community engagement together through a number of their sports and training events, including the Boston 5K in 2025.

“Engaging in adaptive sports can have a positive impact on mental health and psychological well-being by boosting self-esteem and confidence,” shares Katie Catlender, Point32Health’s executive vice president and chief operations officer. “Adaptive sports are designed to be inclusive and accessible to people with a wide range of abilities, and the experience of inclusion and acceptance is an honor to be a part of.”

The first event to kick off the collaboration was SOMA’s Law Enforcement Torch Run on June 6th, which brought the Flame of Hope to our Canton campus on its way to the State Summer Games in Boston. A symbol of courage and celebration of diversity, the flame was the perfect way to bring our organizations together. Photos from the Torch Run can be seen below:

Point32Health is the only health plan in Massachusetts that serves all populations regardless of age or circumstance. Tufts Health One Care – which serves members ages 21-64 eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid – is designed to help support and promote healthier and complete lives for those with lifelong disabilities.