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Expanded coverage of Community Behavioral Health Centers

Tufts Health Plan Commercial

Tufts Health Plan commercial members now have access to two programs provided by Community Behavioral Health Centers (CBHCs): Mobile Crisis Intervention (MCI) and Community Crisis Stabilization (CCS). Previously, these services were covered for members of other products (including Tufts Health Direct, Tufts Health Together, Tufts Health Plan Senior Care Options, and Tufts Health Unify); they are now available for commercial members as of June 22, 2023.

These services do not require prior authorization. However, notification of admission to a CCS within a CBHC must be provided within 72 hours of the admission. You can provide notification through the secure Tufts Health Plan provider portal or by contacting your Behavioral Health utilization manager.

Detailed billing requirements for MCI services (H2011) and CCS services (S9485) can be found in the Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder Payment Policy.

Earlier this year, we shared with our providers that a network of CBHCs had been designated across Massachusetts to provide adults and youth with 24/7 access to community-based and mobile crisis intervention services. The aim of the program is to increase access to urgent and outpatient behavioral health care and promote community-based treatment options rather than emergency department visits for behavioral crisis intervention.

The MCI and CCS programs serve adults and youths. Through the MCI program, members have access to 24/7 site- and community-based mobile crisis assessment, intervention, and stabilization. The CCS program offers 24/7, staff-secure crisis care, providing safe, short-term, medically necessary treatment in a community-based environment that is voluntary and less restrictive than inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.

CBHC providers are encouraged to reach out to their assigned Provider Account Manager with questions, or contact the Provider Account Management team at [email protected].

Editor’s note: This article was updated on Aug. 7, 2023 to clarify that these services are also available for members of other products.

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