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Rhode Island professional fee schedule updates

Tufts Health RITogether

Beginning Oct. 1, 2023, Point32Health will be updating the Rhode Island Medicaid professional fee schedule we use to determine claims reimbursement for services rendered to Tufts Health RITogether members.

Updates to the Rhode Island Medicaid professional fee schedule will occur through a phased approach over several months, and will initially involve adding any previously unmaintained codes to the fee schedule to ensure that it is up to date with current coding. Following these updates, we will maintain the fee schedule with monthly updates going forward, so as to remain aligned with the Rhode Island state coding and reimbursement guidelines.

We will provide updates in future issues of Insights and Updates for Providers as we continue the work of updating Rhode Island fee schedules over the coming months.

Audrey Kleinberg,
Director, Provider Relations & Communications

Annmarie Dadoly,
Senior Manager, Provider Communications

Joseph O’Riordan, Susan Panos, Stephen Wong,

Kristin Edmonston,
Production Coordinator

Kristina Cicelova,
Graphic Designer