A look into the launch of Point32Health specialty products

On January 4, 2024, Point32Health announced the expansion of its portfolio to include new dental and vision products. These new products, Point32Health Dental and Point32Health Vision will initially be offered to large group (51+) commercial clients including Harvard Pilgrim accounts, with enrollment beginning in July 2024.

“As Point32Health continues to evolve, our portfolio of products and services are also growing to support employers’ interest in offering comprehensive benefits to current and prospective employees,” said Phil Barr, president, markets at Point32Health. “We believe strongly that our new dental and vision products will deliver greater value to our employer clients with more opportunities to support their workforce.”

To learn more about these exciting new offerings, we also spoke with Point32Health vice president, specialty products, Paul Bartosic.

Q: Why did the organization decide to offer dental and vision products?

Paul Bartosic: These products are key to our overall strategy to continue to grow membership, add value to our client base, as well as demonstrate the strength of our two legacy organizations coming together.

Furthermore, there’s also a need in the market from employer clients to simplify the management of medical, dental and vision benefits through a single carrier.  For members, preventive health should include oral and vision care to improve overall well-being. With these needs in mind, expanding our portfolio with dental and vision products was a logical next step for the organization.

Q: What will these new products enable us to do for our broker/consultant partners, employer accounts and members?

PB: Point32Health Dental and Point32Health Vision is another way for our organization to bring value to all of our customers and members. In the case of members and employers in particular, it certainly makes it easier for them to do business with us. By being a one-stop-shop for all of their employee benefits needs – dental, vision and medical – we have the opportunity to ease the administrative burden they may otherwise have if they’re working with multiple carriers.

Q: When we talk about Point32Health Dental and Point32Health Vision, how are they differentiated from other options in the market?

PB: We are uniquely positioned as a medical carrier to offer these products alongside our medical line of business and that’s a differentiator in a couple of ways. First, it is certainly a differentiator compared to standalone carriers that just sell dental, vision, life and disability coverage and do not have a medical offering. In addition to that, a high level of differentiation for both of our legacy organizations always has been the service that we provide to brokers, employers and members.

Ultimately, Point32Health Dental and Point32Health Vision products provide us with another opportunity to continue to provide that high level of service to our customers, because they will essentially be working with the same account management teams that they work with today for their medical benefits.

Q: What’s next for Point32Health Dental and Point32Health Vision?

PB: There is a lot of market excitement already. We are very focused on 2024, but especially January of 2025 because that is one of the bigger months for commercial employers in terms of when they alter and change their benefit plans. In the short term, the focus is on the immediate launch for 2024 and then we look forward to having a successful selling season well into 2025.