2022 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility (DEIA) & Health Equity Report

A message from our Leadership

We are extremely proud to introduce our first annual Point32Health Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility (DEIA) & Health Equity Report. This report highlights real-life examples of how we are working together to build a lasting community of care. You will read insights from our colleagues and partners that demonstrate our commitment to living our shared values and fulfilling our purpose of guiding and empowering healthier lives for everyone.

The work we are doing is tremendously important and there is far more to do. We are energized by the future and the possibilities to deliver on our DEIA & Health Equity strategy in the years to come.


Cain A. Hayes

President & CEO


Peter Church

Chief People Officer


Javier Barrientos

Chief Diversity Officer

We’ve had a long-standing commitment to advance DEIA & health equity.

Our commitment to DEIA & health equity aligns with our purpose, influences our behaviors, and sets our strategy.

In 2022, we worked to build a foundation, integrating DEIA & health equity work from Point32Health’s two heritage organizations with our future aspirations to create a new comprehensive, enterprise-wide DEIA & health equity strategy. We believe that cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce and continuing to increase equity and accessibility helps to create better DEIA & health equity outcomes for everyone.

pregnant woman presenting to a group of colleagues in conference room

Our thought leadership partner conducts world-class research that provides innovative insights to remove bias from healthcare systems, policies, and processes.

Point32Health is uniquely positioned to leverage forward-thinking research through our 30-year partnership with the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, a research and teaching collaboration between Point32Health and Harvard Medical School. As the nation’s first medical school appointing department based in a health plan, the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute’s mission is to improve health care delivery and population health through research and education — locally, nationally, and internationally — in partnership with health plans, delivery systems, and public health agencies.

We are a community of care.

For Point32Health, corporate citizenship is more than philanthropy; it is everything we do: products and services that address health disparities, business practices that advance equity and inclusion and community engagement that is relevant and responsive to addressing what communities need. It’s how we show up in community, how we treat our colleagues and how we act on our company’s values. Grants, matching gifts, sponsorships, in-kind and other donations from Point32Health and our Foundation contributed $15M+ in 2022 to support nonprofit organizations. Learn more about Point32Health’s commitment to community.

Our DEIA & Health Equity strategy is our compass for sustainable growth and impact in these key areas:

  • Health equity

    Everything we do points to health equity. We believe health equity affects everything and everyone. Our approach to health equity is centered on ensuring access to high-quality, affordable health care and opportunity for everyone to attain their full health potential.

  • Culture

    Our culture is grounded in caring for each other. Our shared values set the stage for how we live our culture at Point32Health, shaping our individual and collective behaviors. These values represent our shared beliefs for how we make decisions, how we measure performance and how we drive accountability to achieve our vision to guide and empower healthier lives for everyone.

  • Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs)

    We accelerate our culture of DEIA through CRGs. Our eight CRGs are open to all colleagues within Point32Health. CRG members help to shape an inclusive work environment, create space for dialogue and learning across differences, share business insights, and provide development, networking and mentoring opportunities.

  • Accessibility

    We advance inclusion in partnership with people with disabilities. When experiences are disability-inclusive, we increase the creativity, innovation and engagement of everyone. We recognize and value the importance of accessibility and the value created when equitable environments enable people with disabilities to easily, independently and fully engage and contribute.


    Source: Photograph from Disability:In

  • Marketplace diversity

    We work with organizations with shared commitment. We continue to build upon our diverse legacies and innovative collaboration by meeting people where they are and being alongside them throughout their health care journey.

  • Economic inclusion

    We create economic opportunities for small and diverse business–and they strengthen our business value and drive competitive advantage. We actively pursue the ongoing inclusion of minority, women, veteran, LGBT and people with disability-owned businesses, as well as small business enterprises in Point32Health’s Economic Inclusion and Supplier Diversity Program.

  • Colleague diversity

    Our diverse workforce is up for the challenge. Our commitment to cultivate diverse representation throughout our organization starts with our CEO, Board of Directors and senior leaders and expands throughout our organization.

We value the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences of all of our colleagues.

We appreciate the volume of diversity in our current workforce and remain steadfast in our ongoing commitment. We still have work to do. We are committed to broadening and deepening diversity throughout Point32Health as we continue to learn and grow together.

Data as of Dec. 31, 2022

Diversity by gender


Board of Directors

64% Male
36% Female
(14 members)


All colleagues

29% Male
71% Female
(4,313 colleagues)


Vice President and above

51% Male
49% Female
(85 senior leaders)


Directors, managers, supervisors

34% Male
66% Female
(721 leaders)

Diversity by race and ethnicity


Board of Directors

71% White
29% Black/African American
(14 members)


All colleagues

64% White
12% Asian
13% Black/African American
8% Hispanic/Latino
3% Two or more races, Indigenous
1% I do not wish to answer
(4,313 colleagues)


Vice President and above

69% White
12% Asian
11% Black/African American
4% Hispanic/Latino
2% Two or more races, Indigenous
2% I do not wish to answer
(85 senior leaders)


Directors, managers, supervisors

75% White
9% Asian
7% Black/African American
6% Hispanic/Latino
2% Two or more races, Indigenous
1% I do not wish to answer
(721 leaders)

diversity by race ethnicity key for pie charts
  • Workforce diversity by generation

    42% Millennials (1981-1996)
    37% Gen X (1965-1980)
    17% Baby Boomers (1946-1964)
    3% Gen Z (1997+)
    1% Silent Generation (1928-1945)

  • Workforce diversity

    5% People with disabilities
    1% Veterans

Awards, recognition and partnership highlights

There’s urgency and importance in our DEIA & health equity work ahead. We are ready.